Why Gaming Laptops Are So Heavy

Why Gaming Laptops Are So heavy dor kits
Why Gaming Laptops Are So Heavy

I think you will also favorite playing video games so you will need to invest in a specific laptop with the best performance and other features, so you might be thinking about gaming. Why are laptops so heavy?

So have you ever wondered why people prefer heavy laptops when there are so many slimmer laptops on the market, like Mackbook and Chromebook, with good performance yet gaming laptop manufacturers? But heavy laptops are made especially for you to play games. If you think that it is because of GPU or RAM that laptops are heavy Due to GPU RAM, then I suppose you might be wrong. Gaming laptops actually add weight due to their robust components; graphics cards and the cooling device also contribute to the added weight.

Features That Make A Gaming Laptop Heavy

Here we will tell you some of the features that make your gaming laptops heavy.

Powerful Hardware

You know that for gaming, we need powerful hardware; this can be a reason for making our laptop heavy because it has a high graphic card, processor, and RAM that are placed in the hardware together. Add weight and make our laptop heavy.

Big Screen

Big Screen

Playing video games requires a laptop with a large screen so that we can easily enjoy our game. That is why we use laptops with big screens, which can cause our laptops to become heavy.

Processor Cooler

On gaming laptops, when we play games, they usually heat up very quickly, so we may have to use a processor cooler that is big as well as heavy, so this processor cooler can make our laptops heavy.

Quality Material

Gaming laptops are made with high-quality materials. They can be more expensive than other laptops because when laptops are made using high-quality materials, it also affects the weight, so our gaming laptops are heavy.


We try to find a laptop that has a long battery life so that we can enjoy our gaming for a long time. That’s why we need a big battery. And it can lead to weight in our laptops. Another reason we need a more significant battery timing is that we need the support of a bigger battery to run the powerful hardware in it for a long time which makes our laptop heavy.

Resistant Structures

Let’s start with the construction of the laptop, the material used to build it is very solid, which adds weight. Some lightweight notebooks include plastic materials but they are not as best as other materials, such as gaming devices; for example, metal frames are commonly used for these devices, which may be why our laptops are heavy.

Final Thought

As you have seen in the post above, there are many reasons why a gaming laptop is heavy, and these fractures make your laptop heavier as well as make your gaming laptop run better play a high role. Many people think that heavy laptops are good for us. Then yes you must buy a heavy laptop because it is very high for your gaming it is better than other laptops is much more than. If you get a thin laptop, it will handle your game but not in the way that a heavy laptop can handle, so you will find that heavy laptops are best for your heavy gaming.





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