How To Clean Under Laptop Touchpad

How To Clean Under Laptop Touchpad in home
How To Clean Under Laptop Touchpad

When we take good care of our laptop, the laptop stays with us for a long time, and one of the maintenance factors is keeping the laptop’s touchpad clean. If we don’t take care of our laptop and it’s not cleaned, our laptop can get damaged, so here are some different tips to take care of it and clean the laptop touchpad. Find safe, easy, and secure ways. Keeping this in mind your need, we have come up with this article. In this post, we will give you a complete explanation of how to clean your laptop touchpad. A dirty touchpad of our laptop also distorts the appearance. Our touchpads are not so delicate that they cannot withstand simple cleaning, so some tools are required.

When Will The Touchpad Need Cleaning?

How To Clean Under Laptop Touchpad in hom

Sometimes we wonder how we will know if our laptop touchpad needs cleaning. There are certain reasons for it, like if tea, coffee, or any liquid falls on our notepad. It gets into the internal circuit of the tea, water and coffee can damage internal hardware like the processor, and if there is too much or too little, it can damage your touchpad and can get stuck in it and prevent your touchpad from working properly. So it would be best if you cleaned the touchpad as soon as possible to protect your internal hardware and processor. So you should take care of your touchpad to cleaning of your laptop and keep it running smoothly.

Consider The Following Before Going To Cleaning

When you are in the process of cleaning your laptop’s touchpad, here are some important points to remember:

  • Before cleaning, check your laptop to see if it is turned off and if there is no power
  • If you are trying certain techniques and methods in her cleaning, use them with extreme caution.
  • Now you are cleaning the laptop touchpad, and if you are not careful, we will not be responsible because you may not have followed all the instructions. It is a very delicate part, so be very careful. Should be cleaned together.

Tools Required For Cleaning The Laptop Touchpad

Heaving essential tools for cleaning the touchpad makes our job easier, so here are some tools or equipment you will need to clean your touchpad properly.

  • Two dry microfiber cloths
  • Toothpicks
  • Soft Cotton buds
  • Isopropyl solution, or perfume

How To Clean The Laptop Touchpad

Now that you have everything that will help clean the laptop’s touchpad let’s start the cleaning process carefully.

First Step

First of all, if your laptop is charging, disconnect it from charging and turn it off the laptop. The purpose of shutting down the laptop is to protect your electronics from any damage and, if possible, remove the battery inside the laptop. Before cleaning, disconnect all cables connected to your laptop to prevent any damage to your laptop.

Second Step

 Take a microfiber cloth and clean the dust around or on top of your touchpad well.

As we mentioned, you would need two microfiber cloths to clean the touchpad, so we will wipe dust with one cloth and the other microfiber cloth dipped in water. Start rubbing on the button so that if there are any stains etc., in it, .it will be easily removed.

Be careful not to overfill the microfiber cloth so that water seeps in through the gaps around your touchpad. If water gets inside, the internal parts of your laptop can be damaged.

Third Step

When we are cleaning, we also need to clean the dust around the touchpad of the laptop well we use a toothpick to clean it. After that, soak the cotton pad side of the spit in a little water and then rub the corners and buttons of the touchpad well so that if there is dust or any stain on the corner and buttons present, it can be cleaned thoroughly.

After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry your laptop touchpad. Just remember not to use a wet microfiber cloth to dry the touchpad but use a dry microfiber cloth.

Fourth step

Once the cleaning process is complete, you can use a dry microfiber cloth to disinfect your touchpad with a few drops of isopropyl solution in it. And disinfect the touchpad. You can also use perfumes for disinfection or fragrance.

Start by gently running the microfiber cloth over the touchpad and buttons, and repeat the process two to three times as you add drops of solution.

Now that you’ve cleaned your touchpad, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and turn on your laptop.

How Can We Keep Our Touchpad In Good Condition?

We can keep our laptop’s touchpad in good condition by keeping an eye on some critical points:

  • stay away from food and drink while you are working on the laptop
  • when you are using your laptop on your lap, don’t eat enough tea, coffee, water, and snacks to get into the areas around the touchpad.
  • keep your laptop away from water or wet place
  • cleaning your laptop with a microfiber cloth before using it daily
  • it would be best if you used the touchpad gently as there is a risk of scratching it
  • does a deep clean of your touchpad only occasionally
  • remember that you should never use detergents to clean your laptop as it may harm your laptop.

Final Thought

Keeping your laptop and touchpad clean extends its lifespan and is considered one factor in increasing laptop performance. Touchpads are one of the most important parts of our laptops, so it is vital to keep them clean so that they can function you should clean the touchpad occasionally and take special care to protect it.


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