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How To Clean Laptop Screen

Whether you are using your laptop for gaming or working on any work project, if your laptop screen is dirty, there is more to worry about. Because it’s on a dirty screen, you cannot see or not do anything clearly and adequately. So it is essential to clean it, but there is another problem: many of our laptop screens are sensitive too. So when cleaning such a screen, we should remember that we should follow many precautions to protect our screen from damage.

Suppose you have already damaged a monitor or your screen and want your laptop to look and run smoothly. In that case, this article will be very useful because you will be provided with all the information you need to clean your laptop screen without damaging it. And to keep it like new, we just keep one thing in mind to clean your laptop, read the suggestions in this article carefully and follow them carefully. You can also follow some tips for cleaning your laptop screen and your TV screen or monitor.

How To Clean Your Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

This question often comes to the mind of everyone who wants to clean the screen with a dirty screen; how can they clean their laptop without damaging it? Because our computer’s screen is dirty, it is essential to clean it. Sometimes many people use a liquid Cleaner to clean the dirty laptop screen, but while cleaning the screen with this liquid spray cleaner, this Cleaner gets into your laptop hardware, which can cause havoc. So please don’t use liquid sprays. To clean your laptop screen, liquid Cleaner is not the only way we can clean a dirty laptop screen. Rather, many safe liquid substances can be carefully used to clean dirty laptop screens effectively and without harm.

Best Way To Clean Your Laptop Screen

If you have dropped something on your laptop screen and it has become dirty, clean it as soon as possible. You should take a dry microfiber cloth and thoroughly clean the grime from your screen. If your screen cannot be cleaned with a dry cloth, then you should slightly wet your microfiber cloth with a little water and rub the screen of your laptop, but do not rub too hard; it may damage your laptop. And You can not use rubbing alcohol to clean your laptop screen.

So, If you can’t buy a particular product to clean your laptop screen.

But if you are using a liquid cleaner to clean your screen, you should take some care. It would help if you used this spray cleaner in a minimal amount because using more amounts of this liquid Cleaner will damage your screen. The keyboard and speaker may get into the laptop’s internal parts, which may cause damage. If you’re using a liquid Cleaner, avoid dripping down, so hold the liquid cleaner in one hand and a microfiber cloth in the other. Which screen our laptop has? The screen can also be sensitive, so we should be careful. Because you know a microfiber cloth is so soft, it’s a great cleaning tool for any screen you have, whether your laptop screen is sensitive or LED.

It May Be A Good Idea To Use A Microfiber Cloth.

Because every time we spray the liquid Cleaner on our laptop screen, the liquid cleaner droplets can get inside our laptops. Whenever you spray the Cleaner dripping down into the laptop, the microfiber cloth absorbs so that the Cleaner doesn’t get onto your keyboard, speaker, or hardware. So by using a microfiber cloth and a small amount of liquid Cleaner, we can clean our laptop screens properly and safely.

Remember you should never rub the laptop screen too hard as it can scratch your screen, be it LED or Sensitive screen, so Take precautions and never overuse your cleaner and rub it on your keyboard with a microfiber cloth.

Why Should We Use Microfiber Cloth?

How To Clean Laptop Screen

 A microfiber cloth is excellent for cleaning a laptop because it’s very soft, and if you use a cheap stiff cloth or paper towels, household rags, and old T-shirts to clean your laptop’s screen. Doing so will scratch and damage your laptop screen. So, to clean your laptop in the best and safest way, microfiber cloth proves to be the best material. And it cleans perfectly and doesn’t leave any streaks on your screen while cleaning. So if you want your laptop screen to be clean from scratch, then you should use a microfiber cloth.

How To Wipe A Laptop Clean

How To Clean Laptop Screen

Now, if you have a microfiber cloth or some other safe cloth with which you are going to clean your laptop screen.

So first, you should turn off your laptop, remove it from charge if it is on char, and start cleaning.

Then take the microfiber cloth you have and start cleaning with the cleaning solution. Always remember to avoid applying the cleaning solution directly to the laptop screen.

Now you start cleaning your screen in a circular motion from the center of the laptop screen.

So when you start cleaning your laptop screen corner, remember that you should never use the wet cloth you have to clean the corners of your laptop.

Keep gently cleaning the surface of your laptop screen thoroughly until the entire screen is clean and your laptop screen is clean of all dirt and grime.

But if you have a stubborn stain on your screen that previous cleanings haven’t removed, then you should start by gently rubbing your solution and micro cloth over the screen. While scrubbing the screen, take care to complete the cleaning process slowly and gently. And the stubborn smudge will be cleaned from your screen with a little effort.

Alternative Methods

When we cannot buy very expensive products to clean our laptop screens, we can rely on alternative methods to clean the screen. Many household items can also be used to clean your laptop screen, such as rubbing alcohol, but not all household items contain chemicals, and some can be harmful to your screen.

A new sponge can be a good and better way to clean a laptop screen. You first need to put a sponge in and wet it a little, being careful not to soak too much, which will cause water to drip onto the laptop and damage it.

 Your laptop screen is made of glass, then using a Windex to clean your screen can be a safe method. Spray a little of the Windex onto a micro-fighter cloth and start cleaning but always spray the Windex cleaner onto the cloth; never spray directly onto the laptop screen.

A soft duster brush can also come in handy for cleaning if you don’t have a sponge or microfiber cloth fresh. But never use a traditional feather duster to clean the laptop screen as it damages it.

If you have to clean your laptop screen and don’t want to use any of the above methods or don’t have a sponge or microfiber cloth, you can use any other method to clean the laptop screen. If you are planning to clean your screen and want to follow the steps as well as be safe in the product, then you can also use a specific screen cleaning product.

You can also order online or get it from any electronic store near you, especially for screen cleaners. But we also have safe peace below in this post and special cleaners to clean screens etc. if you choose them you won’t need much maintenance and we will find you the best one.

The Best Laptop Screen Cleaners To Use

Screen Cleaner Kit

Why risk scratching our expensive laptop screen when we have cheap screen cleaners to clean it? Cleaning with a screen cleaner helps you avoid scratches on the laptop screen, and with this screen cleaner spray, you get a microfiber towel. This screen cleaner spray is specially formulated to clean your delicate screens; this Cleaner is free of alcohol, ammonia, and phosphate. With this screen cleaner, you can gently clean your laptop screen as well as your PC monitor, tablet, or smartphone screen display. Spray the screen cleaner on a microfiber towel and start cleaning your laptop screen.

CLICK CLEAN 4PCS All-in-One Screen Cleaner, 

It’s a safe and effective cleaning tool to use with a microfiber cloth. We use this Cleaner to clean our laptop or smartphone screen of streaks and residue. It doesn’t leave any marks, and we can use this Cleaner repeatedly. But this Cleaner is specially designed to clean the screen of smartphones, but the screen can also be used to clean monitors, tablets, laptop screens, and other electronics. It is a very safe and non-toxic product because it does not contain alcohol, ammonia, or other odors. You can also use this Cleaner around your children and pets. It is safe.

3M Notebook Screen Cleaning Wipes

These pre-moistened wipes are great at removing fingerprints and odors from your laptop screens without scratching them. These very safe wipes clean your laptop screens, notebooks, tablets, and flat panels without damage. Just use it to clean your screens gently. After a good cleaning, these will give your help screen a distinct shine that will make your laptop look like new.

Read Right OneStep Screen Cleaner Wet Wipes

This powerful Screen Cleaning wipe was made in the USA and had the highest performance to clean any other screens for you. This box contains 100 wipes that help you clean your laptop screen from fingerprints, smudges, etc. It does non-abrasive to the wipes screen without harming you.

Manhattan Screen & Keyboard Cleaner Kit

It is completely free of isopropyl and alcohol, so it is used to clean LCD surfaces. It also cleans laptop screens, tablet computers, flat panel displays, and keyboards. This Cleaner is very safe and adept at maintaining shine and clarity after cleaning. With this Cleaner, you also get a soft brush that removes dust and debris without scratching. Alcohol-free cleaners, in particular, are safe to use on LCD surfaces.

How To Clean Your Touch Screen Laptop

In fact, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with touchscreens usually come with additional protective screens that we can easily clean. Just take you to have to follow the same precautions you used to take when cleaning your standard laptop screen. By the way, all touchscreen laptops are made from the same materials used to make a traditional smartphone or tablet. But even so, their touch screens are very sensitive, so cleaning them also requires a well-known fiber cloth. To clean the touch screen, lift the cloth on the micro and use all the same cleaning techniques that you used to clean your standard laptop screen. So by following all these methods, you will clean your touch screen laptop, smartphone, and tablet well.


If you keep washing your hands frequently, then you won’t need to clean as much. Remember to avoid repeated cleanings when you keep your hands clean and wash them regularly because the dirt on your fingers makes the touch screen, laptop, or smartphone dirty. Touch screens are very delicate and cannot withstand much pressure, so if you don’t want your laptop’s sensor to wear out or damage them, So you should not hold your touch screen too hard and safely hold it gently from the bottom and not hard rub more on the screen to clean it. And permanently, whenever you start to clean the laptop, the laptop must be shut down first, whether it is a touch screen laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a standard laptop.

Final Thought

After you clean your laptop screen, don’t turn it off immediately because another main reason your laptop gets dirty is the keyboard. Clean it, too, after cleaning the screen. When you immediately turn off the laptop screen without cleaning the keyboard, the dirt and dust on the keyboard cause your screen to become dirty again. So if you don’t want your screen to recalculate, wipe the screen with a cloth and wipe away the dirt on the keyboard. And it’s better to close the laptop by placing a cloth over the top of the keyboard to prevent the screen from getting dirty.

To clean the top of the laptop and we should use a closed computer or a plastic bag for this so that your laptop does not get dirty from the top and not get stained on it. And if you use your laptop for a long time, when a leave the laptop open, dust and dirt accumulate on it within a few days, so use a laptop back to protect the laptop. It is essential to use it so that dust, dirt, etc., do not get into the laptop’s hardware.

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