How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger | 7 Possible Ways Explained

How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger top way
How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger

Sometimes our laptop charger is broken, or we don’t have the charger, so how can you charge your laptop? But you can be happy if there are several ways you can charge your Laptops without charging. You often go on a trip and forget to charge the laptop at home. When you use a laptop on such a trip, it runs out of charge. Wonder how you charge it now. We have come up with this post to solve this problem of yours in this post; we are going to tell you many ways. By following the methods, you can charge your laptop.

How To Charge A Laptop

There are many ways that you can charge your laptop if you don’t have a laptop charger; you can follow any of these methods if you ever have no electricity at home or If you are in a place where there is no electricity and your laptop runs out of charge, it is necessary to charge it. You can charge your laptop using one of the methods below.

Use A Power Bank To Charge A Laptop.

To charge our laptop without charge, we mostly prefer this option, and most people also like this method because this method is less complicated and also very easy. Actually, you probably don’t know that a power bank is a portable power source for a laptop. The power bank is so easy to use that all you have to do is plug your laptop into the power bank, and it will start charging your laptop.

There are many power banks in the market in different colors and shapes, but they all differ, and each power bank has a different charging capacity. For example, to charge a mobile phone, a low voltage power bank can do the job because the power bank comes in the market with different voltages. But a 16V or 20V voltage power bank is often needed to charge the laptop.

We need to know how powerful our laptop is and how much voltage it can be charged with a power bank, so we have brought you these power banks to charge your laptop.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD 45W with 60W PD Charger

Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank:

You can use this power bank to charge your laptop. This is the most popular power bank for you people because it is a power bank with 20V outputs.

This power bank is suitable for charging your laptop and is used for charging powerful laptops. Just like our laptop needs to be charged, we also need to charge the power bank used to charge our laptop. When you charge a power bank once, it can charge your laptop once or twice, so don’t forget to charge your power bank whenever you go on a trip.

We suggest you charge your power bank so that you don’t have trouble charging your laptop while traveling or anywhere. Since the power bank also runs out of charge, it is necessary to charge it. If you want to charge your laptop quickly, you must also charge the power bank.

Charge Your Laptop With Your Car

Sometimes we go on a trip or in our car, so we need to charge our mobile, so this method will be very useful in the way you can easily charge your laptop with the help of your car. For this, you will not need many things. All you need for this is a USB car charger and an AC adapter.

Amazon Basics USB-C Car Charger with 18W USB-C Cable and 12W USB-A Port

To charge your laptop, turn on your car engine, then plug in the charger. When the car charger is plugged in, then plug the USB type-C connector into your laptop, and you’ll start the laptop charging. Then the new cars coming on the market these days have USB ports already there, so you don’t need to buy the USB charger separately.

 Using A Car Battery To Charge A Laptop

If you don’t have power banks and don’t have enough time to buy power bank, or sometimes it happens that power banks are expensive and not in your budget, you can charge your laptop without charging now. How will you charge? Don’t worry. There are many other ways to charge your laptop using a car battery. If you want to charge a laptop, you can use the battery in your car, which will charge your laptop. Kind of risky, but you can charge your laptop with it. You can use your car battery to charge your laptop.

A power inverter will be needed to charge your laptop from the car battery because in to charge the laptop, you can use the power inverter to plug it directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Mostly we use this power inverter to power 300 watts using charging devices. So it is enough to charge your laptop without charge.

BESTEK 300W Power InverterYou don’t have to go to the market to find a power inverter, so we have selected this inverter that you can use to charge your laptop.

 Use USB Type-c To Charge Your Laptop.

The USB ports we use to charge our laptops are also considered a common way to connect different devices together, but they all come in the market with different features. They all have different shapes, colors, and sizes, and these USB ports have different configurations. So it is not easy to understand them, and you will get confused so we will help you.

Here we will tell you some things about USB Type-A ports and USB Type-C ports so that you may not get confused again.

USD Type -A ports

You can easily recognize USB Type-A ports because these USB Type-A ports are flat and rectangular.USB Type-A Ports depend on what hardware you have Because these USB Type-A ports connectors can only support USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1.

As we mentioned, we could also use the USB connector to connect to other devices. We can use the USB Type-A ports we have for data transfer, power output, and connectivity with various other devices, such as speakers and printers.

USB Type-A Ports

The USP Type-C port transfers data at a speed of a few seconds per second, but it is also built with the same features as the USB Type-A posts, with only a few differences between these ports. And this is also a good source for connectivity with different devices. A USB Type C port that offers power input is just one of the qualities that makes it different from USB Type-A.

 Use USB Type-c To Charge Your Laptop.

Due to these excellent features of this USD Type C port, you can charge your laptop with the help of this USD Type C port in addition to the specific charge of any brand of laptop.

USB C Wall Charger, Anker Premium 60W 5-Port Desktop Charger:

We suggest you use this method to charge his laptop; you don’t need much; you just need a power bank and a USB type-C connector. When you have these two things to charge your laptop, you can charge your laptop. All you have to do is connect the USB Type C port to the laptop first and then Just connect it to the power bank, and your laptop will start charging.

 Use A Universal Adapter

Maybe have an old laptop that you are using, and you don’t have a charger to charge it because it is disconnected or broken for some reason. So be happy because we’ll tell you how to charge your specific model laptop without charging it. If you don’t have a specific charger for your laptop model, you can use an adapter to charge your laptop.

In fact, universal adapters are also available in the market for AC and DC contactors and are used and sold as various connecting tips. We have given you a universal adapter to charge your laptop because a universal adapter charges the laptop just like the original charge. One thing to remember is to choose an adapter to charge your laptop, Which is low voltage.

Because there are many adapters in the market with high voltage which are used to charge the car battery. If you choose an adapter with a very high voltage among them, it can damage your laptop battery; it will overheat your laptop and damage your laptop battery as our laptop requires a maximum of 20 or 16 voltages to charge the laptop.

So that’s we have chosen three universal adapters here for you. The best adapter for charging your laptop can use by any of them; they are suitable for your laptop because Their adapter voltage is as much as we need to charge our laptop.

Belker 36W Universal 3V 4.5V 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V AC DC Adapter

Targus 65W AC Ultra-Slim Universal Laptop Charger

Intermec 851-810-002 Intermec, Universal Adapter

So if you don’t have your laptop charging, these universal adapters can charge any model laptop with as much voltage as your laptop require.

Use Externally Chargeable Laptop Battery

There is no charge for charging your laptop, and there are no other ways to charge your laptop, in which case you can resort to an externally chargeable battery. An external battery charger is a good and safe way to keep your laptop charged.

Maybe your laptop’s charging port is broken, or you need power service for your laptop, then this external chargeable laptop battery option is very good and beneficial. But keep in mind that whenever you go to buy an externally chargeable battery for your laptop. So first of all, remember which brand your laptop is and choose the chargeable battery for your laptop according to this brand.

If you can’t choose an externally chargeable laptop battery based on the brand of your laptop, then it may not be the best for your phone or suit your needs. You don’t have to work hard, so we have now linked an externally chargeable battery. You can click here and choose any good battery according to your laptop brand.

 Use Your Smartphone To Charge Your Laptop.

You can use this method when you have no other way to charge your laptop, and you can use this method as a last resort in emergencies. Many smartphones can act as a power bank. Smartphones can provide power to your laptop, but remember that smartphones can provide power for a very short period of time. You cannot use any smartphone to provide electricity for an extended period.

Smartphones can only charge your laptop for about thirty minutes. We can’t charge our laptop with a smartphone for a long time or repeatedly because our laptop needs high voltage to charge. And if you have no other option, then you can take advantage of it.

Charging your smartphone is very easy when you need to use your laptop immediately. First, you need a USB Type-C cable. If you have these cables, connect your laptop to your smartphone with the help of its USB Type – cable and your laptop will start charging.


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